I am Kenya Cummings. I am a wellness coach who provides self-care strategies and coaching. I am a healer and justice co-laborer. I am a graduate of the University of Kentucky. I have a bachelor’s degree in Family Science. I am a graduate of Methodist Theological School in Ohio. I have a master’s in Divinity. I have worked with the United Methodist Church and several other nonprofits to create resources for healing and justice.

I believe that healing and wellness are essential to our daily lives.

I grew up in a household that taught me service is the rent we pay for living.

Marian Elderman Wright wrote in The Measure of Our Success: A Letter to My Children & Yours.

” In sum, we learned that service is the rent we pay for living. It is the very purpose of life and not something you do in your spare time.”

My parents claimed it. They lived it. My father is a pastor, and my mother is a social worker.

They taught to their children. I learned it. I lived it. I was a minister of Community Engagement and Re-entry Coordinator for people returning from prison. I loved it.

I had a medical breakdown, at which time I learned how deeply I had neglected myself.

In the months that followed my health setback, I committed to overhauling my life and the way I cared for myself. I worked with my doctors, wellness coach, and therapist. I formed care team that worked with and for me. I fell in love with spirituality, trauma-informed care, nutrition, and fitness. I honestly believe that radical self-love, commitment to self-care and wellness knowledge saved my life. My personal network is people in helping professions: nurse aides, teachers, pastors, counselors, activists, and organizers.

Now, I am committed to sharing how we can live our purpose without undoing ourselves.

Shaped by a family of helpers…

I was born in Tennessee on the anniversary of the I Have A Dream speech in the city of Memphis, where The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. drew his last breath.

My dad is a United Methodist pastor who served in Ohio, Mississippi, and Kentucky. He taught me that spirituality is a lived practice. He hosted Friday night jam sessions in our home for our family. My mother was a social worker who spent countless hours helping children and families. She taught me that we are to be celebrated not tolerated. She fiercely celebrated every milestone and holiday.

I spent countless hours in the church or the community doing service. It was and is my way of life. I learned wellness is more than what eat, how much we sleep and what we do to exercise. It is present in a life full of purpose, fulfillment and deep care of self.

My parents showed us this for celebration, relaxation and their commitment to their health.

Diversity and Creativity constant companions…

I was able to experience life in several different places. We lived and spent our time with diverse people. I learned that there are several ways to approach any given issue. I learned the value of diversity and community. I went to seven different schools for my public school education in two different states in four different cities. In each place, I found something new and valuable. To this day I claim all those places as home. I was able to reinvent and start anew in each place. My imagination was my greatest companion.

I fell in love with the arts: dance, singing, and drama. I used them to deal with the anxiety of moving and make new friends.

Now I spread revival …