Who is Kenya Cecelia Rose?

I am rude, y’all. Promise me you won’t tell my Grandma on me. I got so excited about sharing wellness tips and helpful resources that I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Kenya Cecelia Rose Cummings. I am wellness coach. I use my full name because I want to remember to bring my whole self on their wellness journey.

My name also reminds me to bring the wisdom of the elders and the ancestors with me. It teaches me to bring the full embodiment of humanity. I bring my father. My first name Kenya is a shoutout to my dad, Kenneth. I bring my ancestors and elders. My middle names come from my aunt and grandmother. My paternal grandmother Rose who has gone to the other side. I carry her name with pride because of how sweet and sharp she was. My Aunt Cecelia is my only Aunt who does not have children. She is the epitome of strength and kindness. She is living testament to wholeness that is not defined by unrealistic societal pressures.

I believe I am my ancestors’ wildest dreams and I bring that notion into my wellness work. I am holistic wellness coach. I start all my coaching focusing on our spiritual center.

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