Self Care is Health Care

The health care system can be so frustrating. I’m currently waiting for my new insurance to start. I have to admit it is a little unnerving. I have to be reminded that our healthcare system is a disease care system. I spend a lot of time interacting with the health care system.I manage a chronic illness. I love the way my best friend explains my condition. She says ” Kenya’s body interprets stress in a very different way.” Thar is a perfect way to describe my very complex health condition. My body requires immense intentional care. I have been living with this condition for the ten years. I have in many ways become an expert and failure in self-care. I know how my care of self or lack thereof impacts my overall health and interaction with the healthcare system.

I work with coaches, study and I have now dedicated myself to sharing the message of self care, and it benefits. I fail all the time. I forget to do something simple like eat or drink enough water. The truth there is no such thing as failure in self-care. It is all practice and learning. My life has changed so much since my initial diagnose. With live changes, come changes to our self-care routines and habits.

I put together a small list of ways to take for yourself. “Self Care is Health Care” is a list of basics. These are things we often neglect or forget to do.I believe our self-care has the power to transform our health. It impacts our future visits with our health care system. And in a climate when access to healthcare is challenging and stressful I wanted to provide an opportunity to resist the current structure and care for yourself.

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